Painting Your Salon

So you’ve finally found the perfect place to open up shop and if your like I am your going to want to rearrange, do some painting and maybe even some minor demolition work to really make it my own place, not to mention, it is your salon, so why not make it exactly the way you want it. First things first do some planning and obviously double check and make sure you have the right supplies and do your safety research, the last thing you want to do is fall off a ladder. Of course if you have the money, you are more than welcome to hire a professional interior designer or painter to come out, do a full out renovation and remodel for a few ten, twenty thousand, but if your anything like me, starting out on your own is taking a big enough jump as it is and you probably are going to want to save as much of your money for a rainy day as possible.

A common problem you might come across, as I have, is a mural. Finding a studio or any place of business really, comes with surprises and of course paintings and murals of their logo or something soothing, anything random. In my particular situation I had to cover up a whale in a ocean with all kinds of colorful fish, yes colorful fish!! Addressing a mural demands a ton function along with persistence, particularly if you’re currently doing it yourself.


Things You’ll Require

If this is the first time your painting, you will have to buy quite a bit of painting gear in order to complete the task. You’ll require sanding blocks, paint rollers, brushes, a putty knife, and undoubtedly the paint. In addition you have to choose the best finishing shade for that wall. Having a colored primer that’ll complement the ultimate color shade can help in improving the brand new shades of the wall as well as in preventing the previous mural.

Surface Preparation

Please remember, paint is a messy situation when not properly used, make sure and move all furniture either completely out of the salon or at least to the middle of the floor where it can be easily covered with plastic or painting covers. If your house was built pre 1978 you may want to be extra careful for led paint when sanding, make sure and use face masks. Tape off and cover all open area of floor, including the corners. Taking a damp rag and wiping off the walls will ensure that there is no dust or cob webs to contaminate the paint, if there is any rough spots or bumps, lightly sand and wipe. If there is a mural that needs to be covered you may have to apply multiple coats of primer, please be advised.

Time To Start

Once wiped down and free of dust, you can begin priming your wall. Utilize the primer equally and precisely about the wall, you might make use of a roller to get a fast and even spread, allow the primer completely dry. Watch for a couple of hours while drying and utilize another layer of primer. The primer certainly will create the color go longer and is essential in enhancing the adhesion of the topcoat.

Top-coating comes after priming and is applied the same as did with the priming. Paint the shade of one’s option on the wall till it dries and repeat to get a fuller color. It is also better to utilize another layer if you are covering a mural and to prevent any burn through and being able to see the mural at later times.

If the mural is ridiculously big or way too many colors or just looking like a big pain, do everything thing else and look into having a professional come out and take care of it. It really just might be the best thing to do and save you a major headache.

Vitamin C, Good For You, Good For Your skin

When Vitamin C is thought of by you or by almost any one else, what do you think of first, the common cold and of course orange juice right?. That’s likely what the majority of people think of and even though it can help strengthen your immune system, it can not totally prevent colds. It might reduce the length of your cold should you take enough of the nutritional supplement as time passes, although not once you’ve got the viral infection, so make sure to take your vitamin C and enjoy your oranges.



Vitamin C is essential to our diet, if we lack this vital vitamin, we will start to develop certain symptoms such as spotting on the skin, spongy gums, fatigue. If you do develop scurvy it is important that you see your physician right away so that he can put you on a high concentration vitamin C diet for a couple weeks. It’s an essential vitamin. By forming scar tissue, it helps the body, it preserves and restores teeth, bones, and tendons.

Those early sailors would suffer from a deficiency of vegetables and fresh fruits on board the very things that included Vitamin C., their boats Subsequently it had been found that absorbic acid or Vitamin C is the secret to making collagen, the protein that helps in stamina and skin development. It plumps it firms up the skin, prevents moisture loss and will therefore iron out your wrinkles, face lift eyes which have drooped, reduce eye bags and eradicate other skin problems, including the eye dark circles and if youv’e spent all kinds of money at the salon and on skin products and you really want to look good, you really need to start taking care of yourself starting from the inside out.

The consequences of free radical injury lessen to your own skin as it’s an antioxidant. Free radicals can destroy your skin when sunlight, cigarette smoke, pollution and other external elements disturb our cellular procedure. These awful free radicals have a hand in growing cancer, cardiovascular disease as well as arthritis. This important vitamin are available in lotions from others and Ageless Derma since it face lift eyes by getting cleared of puffiness will reduce your eye bags and lighten a person’s eye. Dark circles can make anyone appear older than they’re (and tired also). The antioxidant effects of Vitamin C will brighten your whole face, particularly if it is used together with other significant anti-aging ingredients including Retinol, Vitamin E and Vitamin K.

Vitamin C gets the distinction of having the capability to overrule DNA damage as well as neutralizing free radicals that require the power from the cells of your skin. Let Vitamin C turn this appearance that is dangerous. Why not widen them lift eyes up and cause them to become younger appearing?

Sunburn is due to exposure to ultraviolet B radiation. This ultraviolet beam that is dangerous is the thing that causes the kind of sunburn that cause them to become cancerous in addition to aging the skin and could alter skin cells. Should you create a lotion with Vitamin C along with other ingredients part of your day-to-day skincare regimen, you’ll have the ability to avoid sunburn, skin cancer as well as other skin irritations with day-to-day use and appropriate uses. Vitamin C really can help fight from the formation of tumours which may be cancerous. You’ll be more healthy; your skin will likely be more supple and smoother as a side edge that is pleasant.

So that you can work the lotion you buy should have at least 5% ascorbic acid. Vitamin C oxidizes rapidly and a lotion that is discolored is an indication that it’s not successful.

Natural Conditioning Agents For Curly Hair

Would you like to condition your own hair without additives and dangerous toxins? Natural options are the best way  for the skin to glow and get it’s shine back, besides who has time to go to a salon or spa every week. The conditioners are used by many people on skin, scalp, and their hair. Try a few of these natural options to moisturize and condition your own hair.


Coconut Oil

It melts down in temperatures that are warmer, so avoid placing in your own hair when it is hot outside, or it’ll run off your neck. Rub on the coconut oil via your own hair. Use only enough to provide your hair features a little sheen, but it will not feel greasy. It is possible to dab a little bit of coconut oil in your own scalp as you go as you part your hair for twists or braids.

Jojoba Oil

Like coconut oil, it is possible to rub a little jojoba oil in your own hair to maintain it moisturized and conditioned. Simply add a little of it to newly washed hair. Jojoba oil is somewhat pricey, also it may be difficult to seek out pure jojoba oil in shops. You’re more inclined to discover it in shops which sell organic products and health food, you see bad health doesn’t just affect you on the inside, it shows on the outside too. You can even put it to use in your skin.

Egg Yolks

Try using egg yolks to include body and shine to your own own hair. The yolks will help moisturize hair that is dry as well as thicken and the protein helps you to strengthen hair also. Many people and other natural ingredients mix egg yolks, using the yolks with no extra products, but you may also reap the advantages of eggs yolks. To use egg yolks separate the whites from the yolks. Whisk the egg yolks and apply the yolks to your own hair that is washed. Put a plastic bag in your face and enable the yolks to take a seat in your own hair for around a quarter-hour. Completely rinse the egg from the hair following the procedure.

Can you have a special natural hair conditioner that’s not listed here? Sure you can and if you do, don’t be afraid to share, remember people sharing is caring.

Hair & Beauty Shop Gets A New Paint Job

Running your own business can be tough and when the odds are against you, saving every little bit counts. I’ve had my own salon for 5 years now and I absolutely love it, although it can be tough at times, the satisfaction and gratification out weights it all, your living the American dream, building and running your own business. So when your first starting off saving any where and every where is what helped keep me a float, I mean when more than half small business don’t even last the first year the first thing you think is, money, if you don’t have money to pay rent, the electricity, water, YOUR employee’s, your going to be a statistic. One of the first things I started doing was painting and remodeling the salon myself. Obviously if you have the extra money and you want to contact some commercial painting contractors yourself go right on ahead, but please be careful and make sure you have the money you need, like I said, if you don’t have any money in a couple of months, your clientele didn’t quite build up as fast as you thought, maybe you lost a valuable stylist, what ever the excuse might be trust me it can and eventually will happen to you. Accidents, mishaps, new opportunities happen all the time and if you don’t have that extra money saved up your going to fold.


Saving For Success

First things first, don’t be intimidated and don’t be afraid to get your hands a little dirty. Painting doesn’t have to be complicated and it can actually be fun, just make sure to prep your salon for the paint job and get all the proper supplies. Now prepping the salon for the paint job is absolutely key, if you don’t prep the floors, the chairs, your going to get paint drops all over them and they will be ruined or look atrocious and who wants to walk in to a salon and sit down in a chair full of paint drops, I wouldn’t, if I see amateur work around the salon, I’m going to assume the stylist is performing amateur work on his/her clients as well.  There’s no room for error in first impressions when it’s coming to your business, so make sure and buy plenty of plastic sheet to cover the entire edging of the floor as well as some extra for any borders you might want to cover or windows, or even painters paper with plenty of painters tape, please make sure it is painters tape, if using the wrong tape it can stick to the wall and rip off the paint, no bueno.

Once you border off all the edges to the floor, windows and electrical fixtures you can bust out the buckets of paint and brushes and rollers and start your painting. Now remember, when using the paint buckets be careful where you set them, if not placed on a covered surface you could end up with a white ring on your floor, or careful where you step you would be surprised at how much of a mess a gallon of paint could do, let a lone a 5 gallon bucket. Most paints these days come with a coated primer in it and at the most you may have to go over some spots 2 maybe 3 times, but pay close attention to what your doing and don’t spill any paint and you should do good, it’s really not hard at all, not only did you learn something, but you just saved your self a good 6 maybe even a $1000 depending on the job and size of the salon.